C58 (15 Sept 1998)
[This is an obvious adaptation of Psalm 23. I wrote this after the death of my father, who had been in the navy since his late teens. He died at the age of 79. The ministry I received during this “awkward” time, which had started about two weeks earlier when my wife had broken her ankle, produced several changes in me. The most important was that I discovered grace. Talk about a slow learner!]

The Lord is my Pilot
I shall not founder.
In unfamiliar waters He plots a safe course;
Though I sail near shoals and jagged rocks,
Or in gales and driving seas, He steadies my course.
Though the seas heap up like mountains
And tower above me;
Though I ship grey waves
And hatch covers are battered off
And stanchions bent double from stem to stern,
I need not fear:
My Pilot is at my side;
His voice steadies me.
When the time is right
He brings me into a safe harbour, where I tie up in peace.
Surely there is nothing to fear
As long as I steer my course
With my Pilot at my side
I will not fear.