C80 VS 10 July 2001
(Parody: Simon & Garfunkel: I am a Rock)

[The fact that I can recall the original song from my school days must say something about the song and about me! The original seemed to exalt the singer’s insularity and ability to remain unaffected: “I am a rock; I am an island.” Great song; foolish thought. John Donne said something along the lines of: “No man is an island, entire unto himself.” Certainly I am grateful that God didn’t leave me to my own devices. I had this song on the wall of my room, and one day when I was beside myself, I recited the words “You are my Rock” over and over — dozens of times — until I calmed down to a state of mild panic! Perhaps we need to ask the question: If everyone and everything were taken from me, what would I have left?]

In Death’s dark Valley
You are still my Hero
I refuse to be discouraged
You are here to guide me
You will hold me firm
You will lead and I’ll survive the storm —
You are my Rock!
You are my Shelter!

You are my Wall
My Stronghold safe and mighty
I am shielded by Your armour
Your Righteousness my breastplate
Salvation on my head
My shield no flaming arrows can pass through
You are my Rock!
You are my Fortress!

In times of darkness
You are the Light that guides me
No evil can ever conquer You
I shall live forever
You have said it’s so
Where You have gone I know that I shall go
You are my Rock!
You’re my Salvation!

And my Rock never fails
And my Stronghold never falls ….

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