Here is a poem emailed to me by Faith Bricher. There is a sense in which each of us shares the encounter between Jesus and Nathanael. One way or another, each of us has to make a decision which will affect us for eternity. 


Why should I meet him? I have friends enough:

All poor and rough; trustworthy, nonetheless.

A man needs only two, or three at most,

To whom to bare his soul; a tender wife

To warm his bed and bear and raise his sons;

Some strong, wise workmates, fishermen or such,

But let them be of trusted local stock.

Why should I go and meet this Nazarene?


Why should I meet You? You have scrutinised

Me, scanned our hearts and minds – and yet You love

The quisling Matthew, Simon in his zeal,

– Known Peter’s rashness, John and James’s fire

And Israel’s guile and my sincerity.

You keep the stairs to Heaven where angels climb

And none can hide, not angels nor yet I.

So, Jesus Christ, take Your Nathanael.


Faith Bricher.


To access  John 1:45-51 click the following link: 




(Initially I could not quite “get” the last line: the penultimate word is the key.)