Parody: REM: Shiny happy people

 Is worship without ministry worth it? While it is our job (and it should be serious fun!) as Christians to praise God in this world and the next (Rev. 4 &5), we are also supposed to be making the world a better place by doing God’s will (Mt. 7:13-29) and ministering to the world.

I am privileged to know people who epitomise this. I would like to pay tribute to them and also to others who do just that. Thank you that the world is better for your being in it. As you pass through the world, you leave behind the unmistakable fragrance of Grace, and you have and do “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Mt. 5:16), which is why I am able to praise God at all.

Shining happy people singing

Dance around Your throne

Praising, praising

Feel Your love abound

Thank You, thank You

Spread Your love around

Blessing, blessing

Take it to the world

So the pain begins to go

In Your power not mine


Loving happy people holding hands

(Loving happy people holding hands)

Singing happy people praising


Everyone around: love them, love them

Take each other’s hands

Take them, love them

Wipe the tears all dry

Guiltless, guiltless

Feel it in your heart

New tomorrow shines

From the Son’s love shines



Loving happy people holding hands

(Loving happy people holding hands)

Shining happy people praising