[Today’s offering is a poem by a very dear friend who has become almost like a sister over the past 12 years. She was instrumental in helping get me onto polite speaking terms with God, and developing some appreciation of Grace. (The photo is by StanislavTraykov.)]

Child of promise


Costly to God

and to Mary

whose hearts knew pain.

Is it worse to be rejected

or to see one you adore


spat upon


HATED for no reason?

The Holy Hands that blessed

healed, delivered,

over-turned the money tables

and drove out evil..

bloody, broken

flesh torn

life ripped from Him,

yet freely given


Surely Mary you must

have wondered

Is this of God?

would He let His son die

so hurtfully?

The shame

The torment

Which should have been ours

were yours to bear..

Cruel cutting words

mocking hatefully

in your ears

You who were obedient

highly favoured of God

Allowed to suffer

so dreadfully

All for LOVE’S sake

Not for selfish gain.

For us.

Was it worth all the pain

When you saw Him


Alive once again

but more so..

Knowing now

That His monumental act

would save the whole world

And all manner of things

will be well?