[I came across a photograph of a friend when she was a young mother. With her was her baby daughter. Their faces were inches away from each other, and they seemed absorbed into each other: intimacy. As parents know, things do not stay that way. As the child grows, the intimacy with the parent diminishes and also, very often, the intimacy with God, even when parents have tried to foster it. How does God respond?

C143 SV57     22 March 2010]

My Child —
Inches away on my lips
I feel the soft flutter of your tiny breath
As your eyes scan my face:
Security, warmth and endless love;
And you chuckle with life and promise.

My Child —
I yearn for that intimacy again
Where my Heart beats in yours;
Where your soul feels
The flutter of my Breath;
Where you seek my Face
And find peace and love and Grace
In your Father’s healing embrace.