Andrew: Hey Willem, what are you up to now? Another day in Paradise?

Willem: I’m grinding the rust out of my car, my china. And no sermons today, d’you hear? I’m just not in the mood to listen to twak, O.K.

Andrew:    Easy, man. Why don’t you just paint over the rust? Won’t that fix it?

Willem: Man, that will just cover it up, so you won’t see it; but it will carry on rusting underneath. Rust is porous, ou. An’ eventually it will come through again till the whole thing rusts to hell. Only way is to grind off as much as you can, like, and then coat it and fill with fibre-glass, or weld in a new plate, man.

Andrew:    No fine. You just  weld in your new plate. But I’ll tell you something interesting if you like — about what you’re doing.

Willem: What I’m doing, hey? What’s that? What do you know about panel-beating, my china?

Andrew: O.K. Check: Now rust spoils things, O.K.?

Willem: No, fine, carry on, O learnéd one.

Andrew: If one has something that has been corrupted — like corroded, rusted — you can’t just leave it; can’t just paint over it, like conceal it from public view, right?

Willem: Right.

Andrew: So you have to deal with the problem where it’s often not seen, on the inside, right?

Willem: O.K.

Andrew: So you have to grind out what is wrong, like you pluck it out. And then you can’t just leave it, because it will rust again, right?

Willem: You twig fast, man. You could become a panel-beater too, man, and then you could mos help me with something useful instead of all your usual twak.

Andrew: Maybe. Let’s see: so you grind or cut out the rust. Then you coat it — like wash it — with your chemical rust-binder  — because even when a man — I mean a car —’s been cleaned of all that corruption — I mean corrosion — it needs something to strengthen it against further attack. So you put in something to cover it, so it won’t rust again.

Willem: You sharp, my bru. Just pass me the wire brush. When I’m finished, this car will look just if I’d got it new. So now we — my Ford and me — we will mos turn our back on the rust and leave it in the dust.

Andrew:    Hey, I’ve got to go; but I’m glad you understand the basics —

Willem: What “basics”? When it comes to panel-beating, I’m professional, ek sê.

Andrew: The basics of Paradise, sin, spiritual corruption, repentance and the need to be covered by grace so that you don’t rust again!

Willem: Hey, I said I didn’t want no sermon, my bru. Why don’t you learn to do something useful like learn to weld?