[When it comes to the things of God, sometimes I’m a very slow learner. But sometimes God lets me see the things of this world in such a way that I learn something about God from something totally untheological. The following dialogue came to mind after I had read about General Electric’s AC6000CW diesel electric locomotive; this is amassive 6000hp loco.The AC4400 is its 4400 hp little brother.

I started pondering  power and Grace.]

Willem:    Hey, check this, my china: this AC6000CW diesel from GE’s a brute, hey? I mean, just check this: it turns the scales at over 193 metric tonnes, man. That’s more than my mother-in-law, ou!

Andrew:    That’s no joke, hey! She must be huge — the AC6000CW, I mean, not your mother-in-law.

Willem:    Look at this: “Starting tractive effort 180 000 pounds.” I don’t know what’s that in kiloNewtons, but that’s only lank powerful, hey. Lots of guts.

Andrew:    Sorry, but it doesn’t mean much to me. I mean, I can’t see 180 000 pounds of tractive effort; I see your boep [paunch], though, without any effort of any kind.

Willem:    No fine, man. O.K. check this now from Trains mag.:”With four AC4400’s … two on the head end and two 75 cars back the 108 car (that’s coal trucks, my bru, blerrie heavy things) the train was pitted against the more than 2 percent gradient [1 in 50] going at 0.2 miles per hour” — hey, even your Volksie goes faster than than 330 metres per hour, man. “The train didn’t stall, and the motors didn’t overheat. In the end the train was brought to a stop, not because the motors failed, but because the coupling on the first car fractured.”

Andrew:    Wow!

Willem:    Ja, man. Imagine that. That’s power, man, raw power. Hey? Makes you feel kind of puny, like an ant in the face of that power, man, hey? That’s POWER, man, real POWER you can see.

Andrew:    No lie! But now, just, like say, something even more powerful, or like maybe someone more powerful was, say, so powerful it or he was pulling something even bigger, like say, the UNIVERSE —

Willem:    You been drinking?

Andrew:    No, man, seriously.

Willem:    O.K. this thing — or person — or, like, being was pulling this load like the universe and made me feel like an ant —

Andrew:    No, say it came upon an ant on the line —

Willem:    That ant would need more than Grandpa headache powder!

Andrew:    No, man; shurrup man. Say, it — and everything it was pulling — just stopped because of the ant, like it didn’t want to hurt this ant. And remember you said the AC6000CW would make you feel like an ant. So take this thing or being pulling the universe,  and it stops for something relatively like an ant —

Willem:    “Relatively like an ant.” So?

Andrew:    Don’t you get it man; just think: that’s GRACE!

Willem:    Good God!

Andrew:    Exactly.