[The idea of an almighty God is generally acceptable. The idea of a judging God requires a little more faith. The idea of a loving God might require some effort on the part of a philosopher. Put all three together, and what do we have? More than anything else, this STUNS me: a God who is almighty, loving, judging, forgiving all in one! Totally amazing; I wish I could put that into adequate words.

For those of us in the valley that is also amazing comfort. I can get up and face the day (even if it’s Monday!), because God is almighty, God is loving and God is forgiving. On my cell-phone I have set the following greeting message: “This is the day that the LORD has made.” I need to be reminded that,  if God is the Boss, I enjoy the benefits of the Cross.

While I am in awe of Him, I don’t need to be scared of Him or anything else. To live that must be  true freedom.]

You alone
in the very beginning
created the heavens, the earth
and the entire, ever-expanding, spinning universe:


You concern Yourself with humble, stumbling humanity
not only with the great, famous or faithful
but Your love extends to all
to ordinary mortals
such as

Rom 8:31  In view of all this, what can we say? If God is for us, who can be against us?
Rom 8:32  Certainly not God, who did not even keep back his own Son, but offered him for us all! He gave us his Son—will he not also freely give us all things?
Rom 8:33  Who will accuse God’s chosen people? God himself declares them not guilty!
Rom 8:34  Who, then, will condemn them? Not Christ Jesus, who died, or rather, who was raised to life and is at the right side of God, pleading with him for us!
Rom 8:35  Who, then, can separate us from the love of Christ? Can trouble do it, or hardship or persecution or hunger or poverty or danger or death?