[I’m thankful that God doesn’t teach us only at church or through the Bible. My relationship with my cat has, oddly enough, taught me a thing or two about my/our relationship with God. We are often too busy with the things of staying alive to learn much about LIFE. I expect my cat not to be scared when I’m trundling a wheelbarrow along; after all, can’t he see me there? Yet there are (too many) times when I don’t trust God; and (theoretically) I have more sense than my cat.

Have you ever wondered why God created us? I have come to the conclusion that it’s for the same reason we have pets.]

C75 TIGGEROLOGY I    [24 MARCH 2001]

I want to stroke the kitten
He just wants to scratch and bite.
I wonder:
Does God feel the same way —
About me?

C97  TIGGEROLOGY II [6 Jan 2004]
The earth shakes
Noises rumble like thunder ominously overhead
Undefinable, incomprehensible
Like nothing in my experience.
Will my world turn upside down?
i  don’t know where to turn:
i’m scared
Really Scared
i (cower)

But You just smile.
You tell me
“Relax; everything’s OK
It’s under control;
I’m still here; you won’t get hurt.
Trust Me.”

Can i trust You?
i know You
feed me
But You are mighty You
And i’m just —
a kitten

C98  TIGGEROLOGY III  [6 Jan 2004]

I don’t need you to complete me;
And, really, there’s little you can do for me.
Even holding a conversation is difficult:
My thoughts are so far too complex for your little mind,
Curious about all things, good and evil.

Each day I give you your daily food;
You take, eat and are, I hope, thankful.

We are even in communion:
Sitting in the garden in the cool of the day
We’re nose to nose
I don’t always get through to you
But when you respond I’m glad.

“Let Us create, then,
Man in our own image.”