C66 (29 August 2000)
[This can actually be sung/chanted to the good, old fashioned Anglican double chant, hence the vertical line in the middle of each verse. ]

1 My mind zooms in upon the Lord| and I terminate all other programs.

2 For He reveals Himself screen by screen| so that I am not overwhelméd.

3 Man cannot download the whole Internet onto one stiffie| no more can man’s mind comprehend the mind of God.

4 For He has created the entire reality| while man’s creations are virtual and puny.

5 The Lord has created the heavens above and the earth below| and they have lasted now for aeons.

6 Man’s inventions come thick and fast| for man is thick and his inventions do not last.

7 The Lord’s Way invites obedience and love| He has shown His faithfulness to us.

8 But we have been faithless, impure and heedless| no wonder the whole world is in a mess.

9 Unto what shall we compare the love of God? | It is like unto a crowbar,

10 For with it He prises man’s thick-skinned armour open | and then He pours in all His blessings.

11 Man in his blindness has said: “Where is this God? | Let humanism now replace Him.”

12 God in His compassion has been very patient | or He would long ago have pressed “Delete”.

13 O Lord have mercy upon our weakness| our heart’s are shallow and the works of our hands are vain.

14 But when You, Lord, do look upon Your creation, | I wonder, Lord, would You do it all again?