[C76 VS 6 26 March 2001
(Parody: Beatles: Let it be)
The advice the Beatles give for “when I find myself in times of trouble” is “Let it be”. I believe God’s advice is different. God calls on us to trust Him and follow Him (and I don’t find that easy at all!) because, if we seek His heart, we’re covered by His blood. I don’t know many people who don’t struggle with this. After all, we are called upon to “take up the cross” and not to take a seat & chill.]

Long ago in Ur’s old land
God appeared to Abraham
Telling him to leave
And trust in Him, trust in Him.

Egypt was a horrid place
For Pharaoh showed no sign of grace;
So God sent Moses saying:
“Set them free, set them free.”

Jesus walked beside the sea
In far-off ancient Galilee
Choosing His disciples:
“Follow me, follow me.”

When I find myself in times of trouble
Holy Spirit, come to me
Speak those words of freedom:
“Trust in me, follow me.”

“Trust in me, trust in me
Follow me and you will see
I will give you freedom
Follow me, trust in me.”